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When thousands of people sent in their top five favorite animated Disney movies, the results proved that childhood favorites beat out the “classics. It what are some good attention getters for an essay started with a tweet.

What are your five favorite Disney animated films? I thought it would be fun to tally up some of the responses, and see what film takes the day in an unscientific survey. Maybe I could even pit the top few vote-getters in an actual Twitter poll. Alternatively, a dark-horse contender could surprise everyone and reach the top. I don’t exactly know what I was expecting, either in terms of the amount of responses and the answers themselves. What I received was massive. I’ve gotten literally thousands of responses.

I was initially taken aback at how varied the responses were: there was a clear victor, but if you cast your net wide enough, you’ll find fans of every Disney animated film, not just a small cluster of favorites. The conclusion I reached from the responses, at least in part, is one that’s unavoidable in all of current popular culture: nostalgia reigns over all. Full disclosure: I have not tallied every single response that I got to the initial quote-tweet. I’m not quite crazy enough to just keep liking every tweet I receive over a weeklong period. But who am I kidding: in the next few days, I will probably go through all of the mentions I got, just to see how the final vote shakes out. Like I said: I’m a masochist.

In the end, I tallied all the responses I got for the first 8 hours after the tweet was passed around the virtual campfire. Eight hours’ worth of responses meant that I still had many thousands of tweets to sift through, because guess what: people like to rank things! Another important point: I ignored anything that isn’t part of the official canon for Walt Disney Animation Studios. To me, the definition only encompasses the 56 features in the Walt Disney Animation Studios canon.

I simply ignored that title and moved on. So, what did I learn from the results? Disney Renaissance of the 1990s. I’m turning 33 later this year, so these are films I grew up with too.

The experience of seeing each of these films is burned in my brain permanently. They aren’t the only Disney movies I saw in my youth, or rewatched countless times on VHS, but they are touchstones of my childhood, as is the case for many of the respondents. I’m a parent of a nearly 3-year old, these memories can be compounded by the experience of watching my son watch these films for the first time. I wasn’t surprised to see them perform well in the poll. 1973 adaptation of the British legend, featuring anthropomorphized animals.

It was released in a period where Wolfgang Reitherman, one of the fabled Nine Old Men of the studio’s animation department, directed each WDAS film. Growing up with a film can make its impact that much larger for the right audience. 11th in the tallied results, I wasn’t shocked. People dig this movie, either because they grew up with it, or because they might have been attracted to Robin Hood when they were growing up.

That last bit, for those not in the know, is serious. Thanks for that extra information, total strangers! But some of the movies with staying power took me off guard. Either these films have hidden fanbases, or I’d simply never heard their passionate cries before. 2000 animated film featuring the voices of David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, and Patrick Warburton. 89 million at the domestic box office, and is known among animation buffs primarily because of its famously tortured production, which was partly captured on film by Trudie Styler. Disney films in recent memory.

I think the movie is enjoyable, but not top-five material. Is it really that embarrassing to say that a billion-dollar worldwide phenomenon is one of your favorite Disney animated films? Disney films released in the early 2000s, may have ridden a wave of votes not just because of its spikier humor, but because of the arguably accurate assumption that it’s underrated relative to the classic standbys. Web design by Pro Blog Design. All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Affiliate links used when available. She’s just really Type A.

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