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The Whale Rider study guide contains a biography of author Witi Ihimaera, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The story begins with a focus on the ancient days, when nature and all wildlife were excitedly waiting for the coming of man. Then man arrived from the east, and the relationship between nature and whale rider essay introduction throve. One relationship in particular — that between the whale rider and his giant whale — was exemplary of a symbiotic connection.

The focus shifts to a herd of whales. The whale mothers look over their young while the single leader whale—the bull whale—reminisces about his own youth so long ago, and the precious time he spent with the whale rider. Now, so many years after their separation, the nostalgia for their time spent together cuts away at the old bull whale. But then the story shifts to Kahu. When she is born, her great-grandfather expresses great disdain that she is a girl. He is looking for a suitable successor, which according to local culture ought to be passed from eldest child to eldest child. The problem in Koro’s mind, however, is that Porourangi’s eldest child is now Kahu, who—because she is female—is not fit to lead according to Koro.

Thus out of disdain for the girl, Koro refuses to show any love towards her and even refuses to conduct the traditional burial of the birth cord. Koro’s wife and Kahu’s great-grandmother, must enlist the aid of Rawiri and some friends to help her bury it herself in the town center. Part I begins by refocusing on the herd of whales. The bull whale leads his herd away from their most-feared predator: mankind. The old whale remembers the days when man and animal were united and in communication, but those are long past. However, he is unable to let go, and thoughts of returning to the place of his youth at whatever cost gnaw at his heart.

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Then the story shifts back to Kahu, whose mother dies within a year of Kahu’s birth. Kahu is taken by her mother’s family and raised away from Whangara—the setting of the story, a small town in New Zealand populated by the Maori people. A few years pass in this way. Koro decides to begin a language school to teach the future generations the threatened Maori language, and he also beings culture classes for similar purposes. Kahu returns to Whangara several times when she is able. Each time she comes she expresses love for her family there, but special deep love for Koro her great-grandfather.

This love remains unreciprocated, as Koro actively pushes her away. He remains dedicated in his mission to find a suitable successor, and he is doing all he can as leader of the Whangara Maori community to preserve the Maori culture for future generations in a time of spreading modernity. Part II begins with another short focus on the whale herd. They head towards a sea trench that used to provide them bounty and shelter but they find there an inhospitable and radioactive place. They are forced to travel to other havens as this long-time home for them has become too inhospitable to live in. Returning to Kahu’s tale, Rawiri narrates that he decided to see a bit of the world when Kahu was in her fourth year. He travels to Sydney, Australia, where he meets several of his cousins and notes that they seem to have drifted away from Maori cultural traditions and have fully embraced the lifestyle of the big city.