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So Many Different Lengths of Time’ – Armada. The mask no one else could possibly use’. Audience: The case of the Liverpool poets. In the park written by Gwen Harwood, was originally written under a male pseudonym. Harwood wrote the poem with relatively simple composition techniques but it provides a rather big impact which helps to give an insight into the life of a mother or nurturer which bares the burdens of children. 14 lines broken up into two parts of 8 lines and 6 lines with a break in between.

Questions start to be raised and we wonder if Harwood uses this character to portray her views of every woman which goes into the stage of motherhood, where much sacrifice is needed one being the identity that was present in society prior to children. The first 4 lines it is indeed set the in park and Harwood has cleverly chosen the park as the setting of the poem as many people see the park as a mundane, boring place. Our assumptions of the park as a scene is normally peaceful, relaxed and fun place to be at but Harwood unravels these assumptions and challenges us with her writing. She sits in the park. But as well this line also suggest the passing of time, she is no longer up to date with everything around her due to the children and how much time and effort they take and this is suggested in the very next lines where the children are being needy and monstrous. The words whine, bicker and tug are extremely harsh which is opposing to what we expect to hear when the children are in the park, where happiness and joy is normally created.