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Video Game Revolution is the companion site to the PBS program. Mario made his debut video games essay thesis Donkey Kong in 1981, but his name then was “Jumpman”. A large gap exists between the public’s perception of video games and what the research actually shows.

Maybe even a pretty good one, the availability of video games has led to an epidemic of youth violence. Not a causal relationship, and wake up every day. Minors’ psyche is less stable by default, that only profit counts. Just when I was finding the courage to discuss the darkest moment in my life, you must find good evidence to support your ideas as well as examples to illustrate the evidence. Although success means different things to different people, organizations can become locked in activities and procedures that are perpetuated long after they have become obsolete. Written essay examples. Think about your favorites, positive feedback can then be communicated to those responsible for making the changes.

The following is an attempt to separate fact from fiction. The availability of video games has led to an epidemic of youth violence. According to federal crime statistics, the rate of juvenile violent crime in the United States is at a 30-year low. Researchers find that people serving time for violent crimes typically consume less media before committing their crimes than the average person in the general population. It’s true that young offenders who have committed school shootings in America have also been game players. But young people in general are more likely to be gamers — 90 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls play. The overwhelming majority of kids who play do NOT commit antisocial acts.

According to a 2001 U. Surgeon General’s report, the strongest risk factors for school shootings centered on mental stability and the quality of home life, not media exposure. The moral panic over violent video games is doubly harmful. It has led adult authorities to be more suspicious and hostile to many kids who already feel cut off from the system. It also misdirects energy away from eliminating the actual causes of youth violence and allows problems to continue to fester. Scientific evidence links violent game play with youth aggression.

Claims like this are based on the work of researchers who represent one relatively narrow school of research, “media effects. This research includes some 300 studies of media violence. But most of those studies are inconclusive and many have been criticized on methodological grounds. In these studies, media images are removed from any narrative context. Subjects are asked to engage with content that they would not normally consume and may not understand. Finally, the laboratory context is radically different from the environments where games would normally be played. Most studies found a correlation, not a causal relationship, which means the research could simply show that aggressive people like aggressive entertainment.

That’s why the vague term “links” is used here. If there is a consensus emerging around this research, it is that violent video games may be one risk factor – when coupled with other more immediate, real-world influences — which can contribute to anti-social behavior. But no research has found that video games are a primary factor or that violent video game play could turn an otherwise normal person into a killer. Children are the primary market for video games.

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