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Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free the olympic games essay of the site, with print-friendly pages.

Click here to learn more. The Games of the XXXI Olympiad—the 2016 Summer Olympics—were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The opening ceremony was on August 5, 2016. The closing ceremony was on August 21, 2016. Over 200 nations and more than 10,000 athletes competed.

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The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to the god Zeus. The race was run by men who competed in the nude. The olive tree was the sacred tree of Athens, Greece. Women were neither allowed to compete in the games nor to watch them, because the games were dedicated to Zeus and were therefore meant for men. The four-year period between the Olympic games was called an olympiad. Every four years, for 1,170 years, the Greeks held an Olympics, which continued to grow and change.

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The Olympic games were banned by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II in the year AD 394. An all-male Olympic games were held in 1896, in Athens, Greece. The first winter Olympics were held in 1924, in Chamonix, France. The rings represent the five parts of the world that were joined together in the Olympic movement: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Baron de Coubertin designed the flag of the Olympics in 1913-1914.