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Did Jephthah Actually Kill his Daughter? The story of Jephthah’s daughter is famous as an example of child sacrifice in the Bible, but is that really what the verses mean? The biblical text leaves a number of clues that imply that the Bible has a very different fate in mind. The story of Jephthah’s daughter is famous as an example of child sacrifice, yet certain clues in the the miracle of life reaction essay text imply she may have suffered a very different fate.

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If Jephthah were to be arrested for the killing of his daughter, the prosecutor would have some evidence, though largely circumstantial. Indeed Jephthah wins the victory, but the first to greet him with timbrels and dancing on his return is his daughter. The final comment of the biblical text on the subject is the laconic statement that Jephthah fulfilled his vow, though the text gives no details of her death. Her death might even be regarded as an act of martyrdom, not unlike Samson’s willingness to die for the sake of his God and his people. The problem with this, or any other brief summary of the story, is that it leaves out so much of the material that the biblical narrator has considered important to present. Such details need to be taken seriously.

The story begins at the end of the previous chapter of the book of Judges. It is always important to remember that chapter numbers were first inserted into Bible in the thirteenth century, and do not reflect a Jewish division of the text. In Judges 10:17, we learn that the Ammonites are besieging Gilead. Jephthah’s misfortune is to be the son of a prostitute. His father, Gilead, had a number of sons from his wife and when these boys grew up they drove Jephthah away so that he would not inherit from his father. When the incursions of the Ammonites become more pressing, the elders of Gilead invite Jephthah, who has presumably developed a reputation as a warrior, to come back from the land of Tov and fight on their behalf.