The industrial revolution in britain essay

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Since the advent of man, the human race has gone through many changes throughout history. One of the greatest and most crucial changes was the industrial revolution in britain essay Industrial Revolution of Great Britain.

Although the Industrial Revolution did have a few drawbacks, the positive outcomes of the Revolution far outweighed the negative effects. It pushed Great Britain fifty years ahead of other European countries and morphed the country into one of the strongest nations of its time. The Revolution improved the overall state of Great Britain mainly through the innovation and invention of new technologies, improvement in communication and transportation, and enhancing the lifestyles of the British commoner. During the time period of the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain saw rapid change.

Many new inventions and innovations drastically improved both the economic state of Britain and the lives of the people. As a result people moved to cities in search of jobs, thus providing a large workforce for factories. These factories became the powerhouses of the industrial revolution. This new method of manufacturing goods exponentially increased the economy of Britain as new machines were introduced. The Fabulous Story of the Postage Stamp.

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Great Britain had the perfect conditions to spearhead the first true revolution that had an effect in all aspects of life since the invention of fire. It possessed necessary prerequisites, such as formidable population size, bountiful coal and iron deposits, and the demand of such a revolution, to gain a head start over the rest of the world. The confluence of such factors culminated in a perfect storm, a storm that destined humanity to become more than an average species. The Industrial Revolution in the Great Britain in the 1800s was not just a revolution in industry. The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century changed Europe forever. At the front of this change was Great Britain, which used some natural advantages and tremendous thinking and innovation to become the leader of the Industrial Revolution. First, Britain had some tremendous natural attributes.