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But in ourselves, that we are underlings. Saying that it is not fate that decides our future, but instead our own failings. That you are to blame for the bad thing that happen in your life. Hazel, an average teenager who thinks she is going to die. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was young, and has trouble with her lungs. She then met a boy called Augustus in the Support Group. Hazel also made another friend called Issac who eventually went blind.

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They went on adventures to Amsterdam to visit an author that Hazel idolizes. On their trip, they had some physical relations. However meeting the author wasn’t exactly what Hazel and Augustus had expected. The story is written in Hazel’s point of view – who is the narrator of the story. The writing in this book is easy to follow because it’s written in a conversational way. As if the reader was the protagonist. The book uses a lot of fascinating sentences and phrases to express the feelings and thoughts of Hazel Grace.

The author likes using dialogues to tell the story. The characters are quite believable because they are like any type of average teenager. However they have to deal with a small problem in their health affecting a big part of their life. 1 New York Times Bestseller, award winning, and motion picture romance. The reader will follow Hazel and Augustus as these extraordinary teenagers go on a journey that soon turns into a long lasting relationship. Hazel Grace Lancaster has cancer, thyroid cancer that has gotten in her lungs and now it has affected her body. Hazel doesn’t had a lot of time to live, but she’s okay with that.