Teenagers addicted to technology essay

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Modern day technological advancements are constantly seen throughout every aspect of life. They seem to possess unending possible detriments, but, along with such issues, technology also has positive impacts on today’s youth. The immense capabilities of the Internet today are teenagers addicted to technology essay, and offer many positive opportunities for teens.

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Primarily, the Internet makes sharing information fast and simple, despite factors that in other cases would prohibit such simple distribution. With the Internet, information can be transmitted and received with ease at any time of the day to and from any number of friends. It is possible to send videos, pictures, papers, projects, and a quantity of other things with the click of a button. The transfer can happen in seconds. The amazing capability of modern day Internet simplifies teenage life, by providing a way to convey knowledge. Another way in which Internet proves positive is by providing a way to keep in touch with friends and family worldwide, or just across town. Whether it’s a friend that switched schools and is never around, or a family member in London, the Internet makes it possible to email, instant message, and even video chat.

Such qualities of Internet communication bring people together with more frequent contact, boosting sociability and relationships. Since it is not obligatory to reveal physical appearance or social status over the Internet, it grants an opportunity to be a completely new person, who is entirely open and confident. Internet chats, even with mere acquaintances, can supply a chance for socially challenged teens to experience a form of social interaction, in order to create a sense of composure. Modern day Internet advancements not only offer an easier way to share information, but also contribute to sociability by providing a way to communicate with distant friends and family, as well as giving socially challenged teenagers an opportunity for interaction. There are millions of songs out there, one to match every possible mood. Sometimes, turning on just the right song can be motivational and provide a completely new outlook on a certain circumstance.

In addition, lyrics are often relatable to personal life and can be significant or simply encouraging. Pods to a London bar. These gatherings prove that as diverse as music can be, it is also unifying. The multitudes of people attending these parties, from every race background and belief, are united through their assorted music taste.

IPods have the potential to positively affect today’s youth by matching any and every mood with music, resulting in a deeper walk through life, as well as bringing people together by means of musical interest. The alternative argument is that the Internet can be a significantly negative influence on teenagers, if overused. Constant Internet use detracts time that could be spent with friends and family. Hours wasted away typing useless messages is detrimental to personal relationships with the ones who really matter. It is of no use to spend so much time talking to people over the Internet, when one could just as easily walk down the stairs and spend time with family, or go to see friends instead. According to Source F, Internet users participate in approximately 244. 8 minutes per day spent with friends and family, while non-Internet users spend on average 381.

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6 minutes per day with friends and family. Modern day Internet opportunities are decreasing physical interaction and essential quality time. Investing too much on Internet chats will inevitably produce a sense of deprivation, and a resulting sense of loneliness from a lack of real relationships and personal contact. Obsessive or constant use of the Internet as a social tool deprives teens from necessary relationships that are crucial to life, especially throughout high school and college, which will ultimately result in a damaging sense of loneliness and depression. This portable instant entertainment takes away opportunities to meet new people, or just admire the surroundings and environment of a new place. Although it is a solution to boredom, there are other, more advantageous, solutions such as social interaction.

Such disregard to discovering new people and new places leads to isolation. Headphones constantly blasting music often prevent conversations that could prove to be much more worthwhile. Modern technologies are positive by providing simple communication, unifying diversities, and deepening the experiences of the world through music. Those same technological advancements can become highly addictive, and like all addictions, have negative consequences. Teens who are constantly engaged in using technologies become so addicted that they spend less time with loved ones, and feel lonely and depressed.