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On the other, Martin Amis against David Foster Wallace. Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Go to the home page to see the latest top stories. Wow, what a small essay on google we witnessed this week, Johnny Mac!

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Before we came back on the air, we were both saying that we’ve been just flat-out blown away by the talent at this year’s Intertemporal Tennis Writers Classic. Some of the greatest writers in history came and competed and showed us what it means to write extraordinarily well about tennis. This tournament attracts the world’s sharpest minds because tennis is a global sport that’s steeped in tradition, and more, it’s a gentlemanly clash of wills where you’re out there alone, and the way you play reveals so much about who you are. Somewhere between chess and boxing lies tennis. So you have to be an elite writer to get through this tournament. That’s why no one was surprised to see Touré get knocked out in the first round.

Sure, he’s done some nice stories, like his profile of Jennifer Capriati for Vogue, in which he hits with her. Do we have a clip from that? The whole incident takes on the feel of intense aerobics mixed with a back-alley mugging, and you’re just deflecting and defending and, eventually, after eight or nine minutes, your arm starts to throb and your lungs start to shriek and each new shot racing at you is like a punch to the chest and you feel her inner bully. Touré’s a solid player, but in this tournament your forehand is your vocabulary, your backhand is your eye for detail, your ability to turn words into poetry and rhythm is your volley, your use of metaphors and symbolism is your overhead, and your deep understanding of the sport is your all-important first serve.

Touré writes passionately and knows tennis, but some whispered that he might have gotten into the tournament only because of affirmative action. Some excellent people went down in the quarters — the novelist Barry Hannah, the sportswriter Frank Deford, the incomparable Neil Amdur and the unforgettable Red Smith, for whom the award for sportswriting is named! But it’s a little understandable when you look at who was in the semis. On one side we had the No. More articles about Martin Amis. More articles about David Foster Wallace.