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It’s challenging to zero in on a school, especially when you are in Bangalore with a wide choice. Here’s a list of top international schools in Bangalore. Bengaluru, or Short essay on bangalore city as some of us still call it, is one of the most family-friendly cities in India.

In spite of its cosmopolitan culture, the city has a well maintained, congenial atmosphere for families and kids. This is good news if you are moving to the city with your kids or it’s time for you to put your children in school. Finding the right school becomes your top priority. Bangalore is home to some of the best schools in the region. Bangalore may have more international schools than any other city in South India. But which of them is the best for your child? Keep reading to find out.

English-language curriculum offered by the Cambridge International Education, of the Cambridge University. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning and is more about gaining knowledge than scoring marks. A truly international school, The International School Bangalore has students from around the world. There is no doubt that the infrastructure and the facilities in the school are world class, considering it is accredited by the CIE and the IGCSE boards. For the pre-primary and middle school kids, the school follows the National Curriculum of England, encouraging kids to explore the world and learn through inquiry. For classes IX and X, the school follows the IGCSE curriculum and classes XI and XII have the option of an IB Diploma Programme. Oasis International School is a not-for-profit institution managed by the Isra Trust.

IGCSE exam for senior school students. Oasis also offers pre-university courses and Islamic education for students who wish to learn about the religion and its principles. Candor International is one of the new generation international or world schools that have come up lately. The school was founded in 2011 and offers the IGCSE curriculum until middle school and IB diploma program for high school students. Candor International spreads over an area of 25 acres, with infrastructure and facilities for the all-round development of its students. Listed among the top 20 day schools in India, Inventure Academy was founded in 2005 by a non-profit organization called India Learning Foundation.

Primus Public School follows the CIE curriculum for senior school students, from grades VIII to X. Students are evaluated based on the IGCSE examination format, in subjects chosen by the students. The student-teacher ratio of the school is maintained at 35:1, to ensure that every student gets the needed attention. However, it is a short notch higher than that of other international schools in the city.

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