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Self Esteem self esteem essay introduction defined as confidence in your own merit as an individual. Our self esteem is instilled in us during our youth.

Read this essay and over 1,500,000 others like it now. Don’t miss your chance to earn better grades and be a better writer! Please sign up to read full document. You can’t touch it, but it affects how you feel. You can’t see it, but it’s there when you look at yourself in the mirror.

You can’t hear it, but it’s there every time you talk about yourself. What is this important but mysterious thing? There are two types of self esteem. There is high self esteem which is when you feel good about yourself, and then there is low self esteem which is when you feel bad about yourself. Being constantly criticized by family, friends, and society tends to slowly strip us of our feelings of self worth. Our low self esteem strips us of our self confidence to make even the smallest of decisions.

We think little of ourselves, and feel we are not worth a penny and do not deserve to be happy. High self esteem is good most of the time, but some people have too high self esteems and they could come on strong. But since low self esteem is still worse than the higher one, let’s see what solutions there are to fixing it. Improving your self esteem increases your confidence and is a first step towards finding happiness and a better life.

Individuals with truly high self esteem feel good about themselves and continue believing in themselves regardless of what others think of them. Some people feel good about themselves only as long as others support them and approve them. The moment another person criticizes them, or withdraws her or his support from them, they not only feel bad about themselves, they may even hate themselves. That would be the first step into low self-esteem. When a person acts like that, life can be hurtful for most of the time and they might find themselves at the mercy of others.

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Advertisements disregard any hope women have to feel adequate enough to measure up to these standards. These people cannot possibly guess that the goal of these pictures is to make you want to be something else. Through everyday occurrences and the media, pressure crashes down on women of all ages and ethnicities. Women are striving to achieve a perfect physical image that is often unattainable. Many resort to unhealthy eating habits that eventually lead to an eating disorder.

Media exposures splayed across our eyes are causing eating disorders which are affecting society’s standard of beauty, physical and mental health of young women, and confidence levels. The desire to be seen positively has taught us to silence our troubles and we now have no idea how to express inner turmoil without feeling like we’re accepting social defeat. For obvious reasons, people do not advertise their negative traits on their social profiles, nor do they pose unflattering pictures. I chose to survey other fellow social networking users to see how websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter affect themselves negatively, positively, or no significant difference.