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Everything I have said so far is a lie, in fact a dangerous lie. Abortion is a clear-cut evil. I begin to argue my case I would like briefly to examine that offense. Our will often moves our reason, for good or for ill. Objectivity does not mean abandoning or weakening our convictions.

I want truth to be my servant? Do I want to win an argument or win a truth? Am I willing, even eager, to admit I was wrong if reason proves me wrong? It is not easy to argue about abortion objectively. Our passions run hot about abortion.

I begin to believe it. We must intolerantly kill both intolerance and killing. Can human reason discern the truth about moral values or not? What is a human person?

Why is a human person? Is the fetus a person? Thus the essential pro-life argument is as follows. There are two significantly different pro-choice answers to this argument. If so, killing them might be permissible, like killing warts.

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