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Kids learn about the science of physics including motion, force, momentum, energy, electricity, waves, light, and opinion essay topics for kids. Learn the terms and equations including sample problems.

Physics is a branch of science that studies matter and its motion as well as how it interacts with energy and forces. Physics is a huge subject. There are many branches of physics including electricity, astronomy, motion, waves, sound, and light. Physics studies the smallest elementary particles and atoms as well as the largest stars and the universe. Scientists who are experts in physics are called physicists. Physicists use the scientific method to test hypotheses and develop scientific laws. Some of the most famous scientists in history are considered physicists such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

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Physics explains how the world around us works. Many of our modern technologies are based off of scientific discoveries made in the science of physics. Engineers use physics to help design airplanes, cars, buildings, and electronics such as computers and cell phones. Nicholas Copernicus – discovered that the Earth rotates around the Sun.

Galileo – demonstrated that heavy objects do not fall faster than lighter ones in his famous Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment. Isaac Newton – published the three laws of motion and explained how gravity works. John Dalton – described the atom and the atomic theory of matter. Albert Einstein – published the theory of relativity. Max Planck – described quantum theory. Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved.