Nature vs nurture obesity essay

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Nature and nurture both play very important roles in a child’s development. In earlier days develop mentalists used more nature vs nurture obesity essay an either or approach.

That is where nature-nurture controversy stems from. Now a day develop mentalists look at both outside influences and inborn characteristics. I believe this is the most relevant way to look at a developing child. Babies are born with inborn biases.

They know to cry when they want something, but to what extreme they take it to is different in every child. Some children are fairly easy to please while others are slightly more difficult. I think this difference in reactions is based on both environmental and inborn characteristics. Some people are naturally more sensitive will others more tolerant.

I think you are born with natural tendencies that your environment will affect. Your environment shapes a developing child just as much as internal factors. The neighborhood, school, income, and parent’s relationship play an important role in development. The same environmental factors can influence children differently though. One child may be able to excel in school and peer relationships while living through a difficult home life, while another may not be able to handle it.

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That is why both nature and nurture shape a child, not one or the other. Every child grows into a unique individual based on there unique nature and nurture experiences. A Critique of Martin Luther King, Jr. Alcoholism – Nature or Nuture? SAT reading comprehension practice test 02 .