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Late last year, I traveled to Nepal to report on whether the country was ready to welcome travelers after a magnitude 7. The deadly earthquakes that hit Nepal on April 25 and May 12, 2015, damaged Natural beauty of nepal essay, the largest stupa in Nepal. If ever there were a time to visit Nepal, it’s now. 10-day survey of the South Asian nation.

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How bad would the tourism infrastructure be? In the days and months following the earthquakes, the media had portrayed a country in ruin. But was Nepal unsafe now, nine months after the ground had stopped shaking? Getting there is no easy task. In Dallas, I have to sprint to make my connection, skidding into my seat a sweaty mess. Fifteen hours later, I touch down in Qatar, with eight hours to kill in an airport hotel.

35 hours in transit, I’m not sure what day it is, or if it’s time to drink morning coffee or go to bed. Suitcases trickle onto the conveyor belt like water dripping from a faucet. When the creaky carousel slows to a halt two hours later, leaving me empty handed, I shuffle over to the grievance desk. As I gape at the chaotic piles of misplaced luggage crowding the floor, the baggage representative offers me a handwritten triplicate claim form.

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I think, my chest tightening. I email my husband in a panic, begging for help. After all my careful preparation, I have nothing. I choke back tears and then immediately scold myself. This is NO BIG DEAL. 45 frantic minutes between activities. I feel awkward in ill-fitting off-brand trekking pants and a bright blue tourist T-shirt that screams ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP.

I’m not even sure where it is. I long for my slim Prana travel pants and wool Icebreaker tee. Then I pass a dusty tent village in the Nepali capital, where earthquake refugees live with only the clothes on their backs. I shrink down in shame. How could I be feeling sorry for myself? A Buddhist monk in flowing robes leads us into the temple and speaks with uplifting potency about the secrets to contentment: love, compassion, acceptance.

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