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Evaluation is a very important concept in economics. It is what you to when you have finished analysing. Show how the theories relate to the question and explain the theories. Basically analysing is drawing out the theory and then evaluation is drawing your conclusions and also challenging the analysis. The hard part about all of this is making sure that you say enough in your analysis and in your evaluation.

But you don’t need to evaluate in your short-answer questions. A clasp is something that holds things together. 6 types of evaluation in IB Economics. Use at least 3 of these in your Part B questions.

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I recommend to my students that they try use Stakeholders, Assumptions each time and include a third one of their choice. We always care a lot about stakeholder effects and assumptions is impressive because it shows that you really understand the theory. Is the change good in the short-term, but over in a few years it will have undesirable consequences? Will the policy be really hard on people in the short-run, but it fixes the long-term problem? Will this policy fix one problem, but create another?

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