How to use famous quotes in essays

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Evidence is the information that helps in the formation of a conclusion or judgment. Did you see those fight scenes? While those are valid types of evidence, there are more to choose from than just statistics and quotes, though. Statistical evidence is the kind of data people tend to look for first when trying to prove a point.

That’s not surprising when you consider how prevalent it is in today’s society. Every time you use numbers to support a main point, you’re relying on statistical evidence to carry your argument. Testimonial evidence is another type of evidence that is commonly turned to by people trying to prove a point. Commercials that use spokespersons to testify about the quality of a company’s product, lawyers who rely on eye-witness accounts  to win a case, and students who quote an authority in their essays are all using testimonial evidence.

Often dismissed as untrustworthy and meaningless, anecdotal evidence is one of the more underutilized types of evidence. Anecdotal evidence is evidence that is based on a person’s observations of the world. It can actually be very useful for disproving generalizations because all you need is one example that contradicts a claim. Be careful when using this type of evidence to try and support your claims. ALL non-native English speakers have perfect grammar. All the anecdote can do is disprove the claim that all immigrants who are non-native English speakers have terrible grammar.

You CAN use this type of evidence to support claims, though, if you use it in conjunction with other types of evidence. The last type of evidence is called analogical evidence. It is also underutilized, but this time for a reason. Analogies are mainly useful when dealing with a topic that is under-researched. If you are on the cutting edge of an issue, you’re the person breaking new ground.

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