How i spent my summer vacation essay 100 words

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May and June in India. It is not very easy season because  we feel very uneasy during this season. I planned very earlier to get rid of this warm by spending summer time at how i spent my summer vacation essay 100 words cool place.

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First we enjoyed the long train journey with AC ticket. It was very nice journey to reach to Shrinagar the capital of Kashmir. When we landed on there , we felt complete change of weather feeling. There were no sign of summer` hot blow . It was 100 percent cool. We took a hotel . This hotel was on the boat of Dul Lake.

Boating on Dul lake was awesome . Other points can also be written. Kids get relaxed in summer vacation. Pressure of study ends and mind gets extra piece of joy. It gives opportunity to go for a site visit of interest. Similarly many points can be added. Now give him or her a task to write his experience what he just achieved after visiting the place.

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