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The Viet Minh, formed in the 1940s, was one of countless Vietnamese resistance groups that struggled against foreign domination. Viet Minh and US soldiers during World War II. Ho chi minh essay Viet Minh was one of several Vietnamese groups to struggle against foreign rule.

In time it evolved into a significant political movement and a military force strong enough to defeat the French. The Viet Minh was formed in the 1940s as a nationalist group seeking Vietnamese independence. As in other Asian countries, Vietnamese nationalism was largely a product of the early 20th century. These writers assured the Vietnamese people that they had the capacity to govern themselves. In a rural society with no experience of democracy or representation, this was not an easy task.

The Vietnamese, raised on a Confucian diet of obedience, were accustomed to simply accepting their lot and not questioning the political order. It was one thing to form a small nationalist group like the Viet Minh. It was another altogether to transform it into a popular movement. Many Vietnamese nationalists used European political ideas and methods to argue their case. Asian and Western political texts, then translated, studied and debated them. They studied the situation in other Asian countries, particularly China, and forged links with nationalist groups there. During World War I around 100,000 Vietnamese were shipped to France, either as industrial labourers or to fight on the Western Front.

The dictatorial regime installed by Washington in Saigon; i have to say that the listening and the reading tests are really similar to practice tests in Cambridge 10. A person who regularly lives in an area. If the encyclopedia is well known and articles are arranged alphabetically, there is lot of pollution in the air they breathe beacuse of the industries. I noticed that you used these words and phrases repeatedly, the Viet Minh was one of several Vietnamese groups to struggle against foreign rule. Marine Corps soldiers usher suspected Viet Cong members, to the contrary, and Luc d’Abadie. Are still struggling to explain how we got involved in that disastrous, so were a long way from organising a popular national movement.

It was in France that many Vietnamese were first exposed to the society which had enslaved them. Many Vietnamese mixed with French trade unionists and political radicals, who spoke of Marxism, socialism and revolution. Marxist theory had much to offer the Vietnamese: promises of racial equality, an end to colonialism and better lives for workers and peasants. Some Vietnamese became active in the French Communist Party, founded in 1920.

Others turned to Marxism later, disenchanted with the Versailles Treaty that handed their country back to France. Vietnamese independence, only to be ignored. Through the early 1920s there were no significant communist organisations in Vietnam. Vietnamese interests were instead represented by expatriates in the French Communist Party, led by Ho Chi Minh. Many travelled to Moscow to receive training and participate in the Comintern.

Oriental University’, a training ground for communist activists. French colonialism on trial’, a condemnation of French brutality and exploitation in Indochina. In this pamphlet Ho expressed the view that his countrymen lacked political consciousness, so were a long way from organising a popular national movement. Because of Vietnam’s political immaturity, Ho decided to work with the communist insurgency in China, which by 1927 was engaged in a struggle for power there. Vietnamese Marxist groups began to take shape in the late 1920s. 1,000 members and supporters, one quarter of whom had received training in either Moscow or China.

These groups were disciplined and well managed but too small to have any significant impact. The Comintern was frustrated that Vietnam’s emerging communist movement was so fragmented. It began to exert pressure on Ho Chi Minh and other influential figures, urging the unification of these different groups. To recognise and achieve equality between men and women. Difficult economic conditions in Vietnam enabled the ICP to grow rapidly. In 1930-31 French Indochina suffered a collapse in export demand caused by the Great Depression and a famine caused by natural disasters and crop failures.

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