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In the movie, “Forrest Gump,” the plot is developed through the Tom Hanks Character through out the movie. The movie is about the life of a man named Forrest Gump. This movie was a sad, but enticing movie that started forrest gump essay topics with the main character Forrest Gump sitting on a bench waiting for a bus, and telling his life story to total strangers that are sitting next to him waiting for there bus. Forrest Gump is a slow individual that lived an interesting life.

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Forrest was not a normal individual, but lived more of a normal life then others in the movie did. He was a happy individual that never let anything, or anyone come in the way of him. There were only two things in life that he loved, Jennie and his mother, then when his child was born, his child. The movie starts off with Forrest sitting on a bench, waiting for his bus while eating chocolates, telling his life story to the individual next to him. Forrest Gump is on the bus bench, and starts talking about his childhood.

As a child, Forrest had difficulty walking, so his father put metal leg braces to hold his week legs in place so he could walk. He was constantly made fun of, and none of the little children wanted to even talk or sit next to him. It shows how the town saw him as a weird dumb child. He was always getting picked on and chased after school.

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