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It may be hard to write a type of essay for the first time. If this is your first time to write a personal reflective essay, first class essay example can refer to the reflection essay example below. I Survived a Writing Class Writing is one of the things I used to hate the most.

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Collection of essays on any occasion! Writing is one of the things I used to hate the most. I hate it when teachers would ask us to pass an essay. I hate it when I have to compete in writing contests because teachers asked me to. Nevertheless, winning in those contests boosted my self confidence.

I thought I hate writing but I am good at it so I started to like it a bit. Things changed when I had two writing classes in college. I realized I was not good in writing. The first writing class I had to attend in college was all about writing different types of essay. The teacher would group us into four or five.

We would read each other’s essay and give comments afterwards. I was confident with my first essay but the people in my group are great critics. My confidence started to melt like an ice cream in a summer day. However, the grades given by our teacher for those essays saved some of the ice cream. I, nonetheless, enjoyed most days in that writing class except the part where I have to sit with the group. I realized that I, including my confidence, should not be affected by criticisms especially not by comments from fellow students who were there to learn just like me.