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Once again, however, he was dismissed for “breach of discipline,” although the oft-rebellious Wolf would claim he quit in frustration over the school’s conservatism. After eight months with his family, he returned to Vienna to teach music. Though his fiery temperament was not ideally suited to teaching, Wolf’s musical gifts, as well as his personal charm, earned him attention and patronage. Franck, his first love, with whom he was involved for three years.

During their relationship, hints of his mature style would become evident in his Lieder. Wolf was prone to depression and wide mood swings, which would affect him all through his life. When Franck left him just before his 21st birthday, he was despondent. Wolf had neither the temperament, the conducting technique nor the affinity for the decidedly non-Wagnerian repertoire to be successful, and within a year had again returned to Vienna to teach in much the same circumstances as before. Wagner’s death in February 1883 was another deeply moving event in the life of the young composer. Wolf often despaired of his own future in the ensuing years, in a world from which his idol had departed, leaving tremendous footsteps to follow and no guidance on how to do so.

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This left him often extremely temperamental, alienating friends and patrons, although his charm helped him retain them more than his actions merited. His activities as a critic began to pick up. Known as “Wild Wolf” for the intensity and expressive strength of his convictions, his vitriol made him some enemies. Vienna Philharmonic, when they tried it out under their celebrated conservative conductor Hans Richter, with nothing but derision for ‘the man who had dared to criticize “Meister Brahms,'” as Richter himself caustically put it. Only a week later his father died, leaving him devastated, and he did not compose for the remainder of the year. 1888 and 1889 proved to be amazingly productive years for Wolf, and a turning point in his career.