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Sport day is an important activity of a school. Sometimes essay on grandparents for class 3 is organised by many schools jointly. Sport day is usually organised in the month of November in India.

Students participate in many sporting events like race, throw ball, volleyball, dodge ball,  running, relays, shot put, javelin throw, etc. Events are grouped as per grade of the students. That means all the students of one grade of participating schools are labelled with serial number while participating in race event. Students select the sport events before 15 or 20 days and do practice in the schools at last period. Sport teachers help these students to make them known to general idea and rules of their selected sport event.

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Sometimes the competition is set among the blue, red, green and yellow houses. The captain of the house does his best to become winner. Before seven days the students are tasted with demo competition. Last year sport day was held on June 6, 2013. One big cake was made by our school. The cake was kept on a big platform. Our chief guest was from Canada.