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ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this comprehensive essay on Modernisation, it’s meaning theory and characteristics. Modernisation and the aspirations to modernity are essay on commercialization of education the most overwhelming theme which has engaged the attention of sociologists, political scientists, economists and many others.

Read this comprehensive essay on Modernisation, it’s meaning theory and characteristics. Modernisation’ has come to be used with starting frequency to characterise the urge for change. A massive body of literature has cropped up on modernization to comprehend the process of modernisation a large number of theoretical approaches have emerged. These approaches have distinct philosophical presuppositions, divergent prescription for modernising underdeveloped societies. Modernisation theories are not merely academic exercise only. These approaches provided the matrix for policies adopted by advanced capitalist countries for modernising underdeveloped now called developing societies.

All the modernisation theories aim at the explanation of the global process by which traditional societies are modernising or have modernised. Modernisation theories were originally formulated in response to the new world leadership role that the United States took on after World War II. As such they had important policy implications. Since the United States is modern and advanced and the Third World is traditional and backward, the latter should look to the former for guidance.

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Second, modernisation theories identify the threat of communism in the Third World as a modernisation problem. If Third World countries are to modernise, they should move along the path that the United States has travelled, and thus should move away from communism. To help accomplish this goal, modernisation theories suggest economic development, the replacement of traditional values, and the institutionalisation of democratic procedures. Third, Third World countries need to attain a Western style of economic development According to modernisation researches, Western countries represent the future of the Third World countries, and they assume that the Third World countries will move towards the Western model of development.

The process of modernization is viewed as a onetime historical process which was started by the Industrial Revolution in England and the Political Revolution in France. It created a gap between these new societies and the other back ward societies. Modernisation is a historical inescapable process of social change. Modernisation first occurred in the West through the twin processes of commercialization and industrialisation. The social consequences of these processes were the application of technologies in competitive market situation, the growth of lending and fiscal devices and the need to support the modern armies etc. The modernity in West attacked religion, superstitions, family and church. Early in the twentieth century, Japan was the first Asian Country that joined the race for industrialization.

The process of modernisation as it has obtained, is global in character. But the response to this process has been different in different countries of the world depending upon their historical, socio-cultural patterns and political systems. The heterogeneous meanings which have been attached to the concept of modernisation have been due to a wide range of interests, level of abstraction and degrees of attentiveness to definitional problems. Careful examination of the concept reveals that the attributes and indicators of modernisation as have been conceived are the products of diverse influence and are interdisciplinary in nature. Inspite of heterogeneity in conceptualisations of modernisation, the modernisation theorists have credibility in bringing similarities which are readily apparent among various conceptualisations. There is general agreement that, modernisation is a type of social change which is both transformational in its impact and progressive in its effects.

It is also as extensive in its scope. As a multifaceted process, it touches virtually every institution of society. Further, attempt has been made by the modernisation theorists for definitional inclusiveness. According to Huntington, modernisation is a multifaceted process involving changes in all areas of human thought and activity. After, Black, Smelser are the notable theorists who carefully distinguish the task of definition from that of description.

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