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Det ligger utallige timer, mye slit, men mest av alt koselige stunder og gode minner bak hver planke, spiker og list på Gunnarbu. Er mektig stolt av hytta, og gleder meg over å være der så mye som mulig. Her tilbringes mang en langhelg, alle påsker, jul, sløve sommerferieuker, høstturer, jakt og skiturer. Hytta ligger ideelt til ved inngangen til Rondane, det er flott tur terreng her sommer som vinter, 140 km med oppkjørte skiløyper, det er vann, strøm, varmekabler og alle moderne fasiliteter, kort sagt ett sted for total avslapping og friluftsliv. Nepali literature,and is known as the poet with the golden heart.

Going into debt later in life to finance his daughters’ dowries and weddings, he is reported to have said to his wife, “Tonight let’s abandon the children to the care of society, and youth and I renounce this world at bedtime and take potassium cyanide or morphine or something like that. Laxmi Prasad Devkota was a chain smoker throughout his life. Laxmi Prasad’s son, Padma Devkota, is also a poet and writer, and served for many years as a professor at the English Department, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. Devkota contributed to Nepali literature by starting a modern Nepali language romantic movement in the country. Born in Nepal, he was the first to begin writing epic poems in Nepali literature.

Nepali poetry soared to new heights with Devkota’s innovative use of language. Muna Madan is undoubtedly the most sold book in the history of Nepalese literature. Being pictured as a movie, Muna Madan was able to get selected for the Oscar Award, which also signifies the level of the creation. Madan—a traveling merchant—who departs from his wife Muna to Tibet in a bid to earn some money. The poem describes the thematic hardships of the journey: the grief of separation, the itching longing, and the torment of death. There are three persons in the song, the merchant, his mother, and his wife.