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Employee appraisals are an effective way to measure performance of the employees. Regular employee appraisals ensure that the employees maintain acceptable performance levels. It also allows management to determine whether the employees are contributing at the level that allows the company to achieve its organizational goals. Therefore, it becomes vital that management focus in create employee self evaluation essay examples employee appraisal forms that correctly gauge performance of the employees.

An effective performance appraisal form correctly captures the actual performance of the employees. As a general rule, the employee evaluation form should objectively record performance of the employees. It should not contain elements of bias and subjectivity. Fortunately, there are certain basic types of employee evaluation forms that are recommended by HR professionals and experts. These evaluation forms contain the elements of objectivity that result in correct presentation of employees performance during a certain period of time.

Here we will provide some of the basic types of employee evaluation example forms that can help management to correctly record performance of the employees and five performance appraisal forms you can download and use in your company. It is the most common type of employee appraisal form that is used to assess performance of the employees. N questions with a general comment section of the evaluator at the end. The advantage of this type of employee evaluation form is that it is fairly easy to administer. It also minimizes the chance of bias and subjectivity in evaluating the employee.

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However, the downside of this type of evaluation form is that it does not provide in depth information of the employee performance during a particular period. This is another basic type of employee evaluation example form that is recommended by HR experts. Essay evaluation form requires evaluator to write out statements that accurately describe performance of the employees. Advantage of essay evaluation form is that it gives a chance for the evaluator to provide detailed comment regarding the performance of the employee. However, the detailed comments increase the chance of biased evaluation without properly projecting actual performance of the employee. In addition, it is possible that a hurried evaluator will not properly provide all the details regarding employee performance. Graphic rating employee appraisal form is the oldest technique to appraise performance of the employee.

Evaluators rate employee on a certain scale on various attributes such as attitude, judgment, cooperation, punctuality and others factors. Advantage of this type of employee evaluation form is that evaluators can quickly fill this form without much delay. However, the downside of this scale is that it is too restrictive and does not accurately detail performance of the employee. With this method employees receive anonymous and confidential appraisal from various people. The technique allows management to gain in-depth information about a particular employee. The downside of this type of employee evaluation form is that it is that takes a lot of time to administer.

In addition, this type of employee evaluation method may create an atmosphere of suspicion if the information in not honestly and openly managed. Forced ranking groups employees are ranked in terms of forced distribution. The advantage of this employee performance example form is that it creates a high performance culture in which the workforce continuously improves. However, this type of employee appraisal may create cut throat competition and individualism while sacrificing team work and collaboration between employees. Are you looking for free performance review templates you can use for your employee? Performance appraisal time is often very stress filled. Your email address will not be published.

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