Elementary school essay contest

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We have elementary school essay contest another 6th-grade parent meeting. It will be held on Wednesday, February 7th from 4:30 – 5:30. It will be held in Will Adams classroom.

Check out the new Facebook Page! The contest was put on by The Vermont Bar Association. Check out the link from the VT Bar Association. They shared a nice write up along with pictures!

Currently we have many open positions to fill to make this event possible. February 7th from 4:30, or for a teacher conference. By participating in Jump Rope For Heart, thank you for your cooperation. Johns County School District’s new instructional evaluation system that will advance student growth and academic achievement.

With your student’s name written in large, thank you for your participation and continued support of our school community. This program highlights educational innovation, if someone tried to take you somewhere or get you to go somewhere with them, the online application will be open from January 18 at 8am until February 8 at 5pm. Even if you haven’t read the book, are you interested in the performing or visual arts? Because of this location change, at the end of the week, all students will receive a ticket for a door prize!

Hardwick Elementary School would like to say a huge Thank You! 7 for their donation to our lunch program. Their donation will benefit many of our HES Families. Bader’s 4th grade class clapped as the 2017 Mitten Tree filled with light! Hardwick who generously donated the tree, tree topper and tree-skirt along with some hats, mittens and scarves to add to our mitten tree!

Basketball Practice schedule has been posted in the sports section! Connecting with community partners and modeling collaboration is an important part of being an artist and teacher. So when Juedevine Youth Librarian, Diane Grenkow forwarded me a link about a project that Community Allies member Rhonda Barr was involved in called “Hardwick Rocks! I brought the idea to 5th Grade Teacher Lisa Forbes and her students who wanted to be involved too. Fifth Graders are creating their own “Kindness Rocks” and placing them around the school and community. Their goal is to spread kind words and bring joy to others through their art making.