Eating to live and not living to eat essay

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Universities of Texas, Georgia, and Florida — and dozens of other schools, coast to coast. This fall, I’m slated to visit Cornell, Eating to live and not living to eat essay, Boston College, the University of Minnesota, and half a dozen additional schools.

The topic is a hot one on college campuses, and the teams that have accepted have been rewarded by what they have consistently told us to be their largest event audiences ever. Cruelty to animals is where I focus in these debates, because it’s the issue that is most obvious: We are a nation of animal lovers — according to a Gallup Poll last May, fully 97 percent of us support laws to protect animals from abuse — and yet the animals with whom we come into contact most frequently are the animals we pay other people to abuse and kill for us. First, other animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone — just like humans. And they feel pain — again, just like we do.

Yet there is no ethical difference between eating a dog, cat, chicken, pig or fish. If anything, eating your dogs or cats would be morally preferable, since they would have led a good life until you killed them. Chickens can navigate mazes, learn from television and have both a capacity for forethought and meta-cognition. Pigs dream, recognize their names, play video games far more effectively than even some primates, and lead social lives of a complexity previously observed exclusively among primates. Richard Dawkins, the foremost living evolutionary biologist, calls other species our evolutionary “cousins” and denounces what he calls “speciesist arrogance” — the idea that we are better than, and can do whatever we want to other species. Darwin taught us that other species are more like us than they’re unlike us.

Eating meat entails eating “someone,” not “something. Eating meat entails eating bits from an animal’s corpse. Don’t want to eat corpses? Second, if we’re eating meat, we are paying people to abuse animals in myriad ways that would violate anti-cruelty laws if these were dogs or cats rather than chickens and pigs. Artificial breeding practices are used so that animals will grow far more quickly than they would naturally, and their organs and limbs simply can’t keep up.

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