Discipline essays for middle school students

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Do you play an instrument? How are your grades and behavior? I am an eighth grade trombone student, so this is something that directly applies to me! I hope it will ocnvince kids to play an instrument, or help schools who are discipline essays for middle school students danger of having their performing arts department taken away.

Believe it or not, these two things are connected! So if you aren’t involved in the performing arts, you might want to take up music! It improves brain stimulation, supplies you with important life skills, and brings down your stress level! Student musicians are proven to score better on big tests like SATs, get into better colleges and stay out of jail.

Don’t believe this crazy claim? Your brain is made up of three main domains! These would be the cognitive-knowledge, the psychomotor-skills, and the affective-feelings. While you’re playing an instrument you have to read the notes, move your fingers and arms, and feel emotion from the music you are playing. Student musicians score an average of about 62 points higher on their SATs than non-musician peers. Kids who are in orchestra or band have the lowest levels of current and life long alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse. Band and orchestra students have higher GPAs than kids not in band or orchestra.

Let’s Talk to the Teachers! You can research a topic on the internet, but the best way to get accurate information is to talk to experts in the field you are learning about! I interviewed an orchestra director, two band directors, a general music teacher, six core subject teachers and the assistant principal in charge of discipline at my middle school, Fall Creek Valley. Here are some of the interviews below!

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