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Read the latest and breaking Environmental News include weather updates, climate change, global warming, conservation, animals, water, energy and more. Become a SMH member today! Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Consumers are conservation of earth essay to complain about their rising bills but not so quick to demand their homes become less wasteful of energy.

Minimum energy ratings for new homes in Australia are based on dated climate data. Australia’s minimum energy standards for new homes are based on climate data that is up to decades old, overestimating their true performance as conditions in many parts of the nation warm. Ginninderry will become the first Canberra suburb without gas, in a trial that could determine if other new developments will also be solely powered by electricity. Whales don’t follow the Gregorian calendar’. A humpback whale breaching off the NSW coast. The Berejiklian government should intervene to stop proposed seismic testing off the Newcastle coastline that has been approved right up to start of the annual whaling migration, environment groups say.

Manly Fast Ferry crew haul the wallaby on board. The wallaby, named “Christine”, is now doing well after being left overnight to recover from her ordeal with some water and wallaby snacks. John Taylor, right, and Suzanne Smith collect elvers from nets left out overnight in Pemaquid, Maine. Asian markets’ demand for baby eels has seen a clash between contemporary rules and ancient customs in a US holiday hotspot. The failure of a fish farm “fortress pen” that saw 20,000 kingfish escape into the Port Stephens’ marine park has led to calls for an independent review of the controversial project.

There are fears thousands of “ravenous” kingfish that escaped a state-government jointly run fish farm off Port Stephens will devastate the marine park’s wild fish population. The moon rises near Bondi beach before the super blue blood moon full eclipse in Sydney, Wednesday, January 31, 2018. People shared their disappointment with the cloud cover on social media. White buildings in the village of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini. Making cities and farm fields more reflective could reduce extreme heat by up to 3 degrees Celsius. The sun must set for coal, but what happens before the carbon curtain falls? Australia’s climate policies are “a decade behind” other rich nations, says UN official.

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A cool change and some showers will arrive in Sydney on Wednesday and stick around for the rest of the week. Sydney has woken to a much more comfortable day on Wednesday after a week of insufferable, sticky heat. The project plans to use the railway to export recyclables and import rubbish. The company behind a proposed recycling plant will have to prove it won’t be dangerous to public health. Claire Rowe, a marine biologist at the Australian Museum, is researching the spread of upside-down jellyfish in NSW waters. Despite hundreds of new species discovered in Australia each year, the science of taxonomy relies ever more on volunteers and retired scientists.