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Marlow does what he most despises. Kurtz directs against the neighbouring tribes. Kurtz at the heart of darkness? I Start colonialism in heart of darkness essays Definite Images.

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Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 1970. Marlow, and the World of Women. New York: Russell and Russell, 1966. Heart of Darkness study guide contains a biography of Joseph Conrad, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

This novella is unusual in that the author does not name most of the characters in his book, other than assigning them titles that describe their larger organizational goals. It is not quite an allegory, while he does allow them some individual characteristics of speech and dress, but they are for the most part stand-ins for larger groups. Groupthink is evident in named groups like the pilgrims and the natives. These groups have a few outstanding members, such as the native woman of arresting beauty or the red-haired pilgrim drunk with bloodthirstiness, but they mostly move together, make the same decisions, and have the same intentions. Conrad critiques such patterns, in which individual in a society think like other members of their group without stopping to think for themselves.

Although Marlow is by no means a heroic character, Conrad does illustrate the need for individual thought by singling him out. The contradiction, however, is that Marlow also feels as if he were traveling back in time. The paradox of the novel, however, is that by traveling backwards in time, the crew do not move closer to the innocence and purity of the “noble savage” but farther away from it. Conrad seems to claim that the Christian belief that prehistory was untouched by obscurity or evil is a fallacy. In contrast, it seems, is the more advanced civilization of the colonizers and visitors. Nothing in this novella is described in very concrete terms.

Land looks like a spine sticking out from a man’s back but is not described in topographical terms. A sense of danger pervades the entire trip, and it is mostly dictated by uncertainty. The natives do not seem inherently threatening. On one occasion, they let fly a series of arrows, but these even look ineffectual to Marlow. They are threatening because they might be poisoned. Similarly, Marlow has no clear idea of what the natives might do to him if Kurtz gave them free rein, and it is possible that this uncertainty increases his fear. Kurtz himself is an uncertain figure, ruled as he is by two separate impulses, the noble and the destructive.

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