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The soul of India lives in its villages, 60 percent of the population still lives in villages of India. Indian villages have a very beautiful and attractive lifestyle. The beauties of villages are described by the way villagers happily live in the small huts or a home, made by clay or mud. A big open area with trees at the front and a vegetable garden at the backyard, surrounded by the bamboos. Indian village house are Eco- friendly in nature, made by bamboos and mud’s. Wall and floor of the village houses are by painted by a mixture of dirt, grass, and cow shit. Before and after rain, these house need a maintenance every time.

Most of the people who live in villages are farmers, other works as potters, carpenters, blacksmith. Bull’s are use for farming and other activity in field. Women work planting the rice paddy, while the men work pulling bullock carts, tilling new soil etc. The educational status of the people in the villages of India is not so good, some of the villages even don’t have school. There are no water supply, no indoor toilets and no electricity.

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River water, well or hand pump are the main source of water. The life style of villagers are very clean,sweet and simple. They don’t dream for big house,vehicle,money etc, whatever they got that is enough to live their life happily. I am trying to locate the village my late mother came from. Hey John, Can you please confirm the name again or try to find out it is in which state.

It will help me to locate. We at PRADAN have been working since 1983 towards enabling and transforming rural livelihood by making available ideas and technologies in a manner that enhances the poor’s access to and control over their resources. We Will Walk You Through The Beautiful Land of Mother India. If you have any idea you know how to find us. 813 0 0 1 .

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