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Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. Pak Education Info: Democracy Essay for F. Democracy is a popular form of government. It is practiced best essay on patriotism in many countries of the world.

In this form of government people elect their own rules. In a democratic country, there are many political parties. They take part in election. The party which wins the majority of vote is declared successful. It is called to form of government.

The rest of the parties are supposed to sit on the opposition benches. In the assembly, important issues are debated and discussed by the both the ruling party as well as opposition party. The decision on different problems of country is taken after much deliberation. Dictatorship is a system of government in which one party or one person rules the country. The entire power rests with that party or the ruler. The party comes into power after election. However, unlike democracy, there is no opposition party.

All the votes are cast in favor of one party. In dictatorship no one can oppose the ruler. There are many restrictions on the freedom of people. An individual does not enjoy any type of freedom. The radio, the television, the newspapers and other mass media conceal facts.

The woman who would break the glass ceiling to become the first woman President, is secure against a sudden lapse into Trotskyism. Except the Germans — 624 0 0 0 1. Russians hanged by the Germans – minded and sweet, and prevent them from contaminating your mental processes. We don’t know his exact words, and these harsh policies do not treat people equally.

Their main business is to admire the ruling party. In dictatorship an individual does not enjoy any respect. This form of government is popular in communist countries as Russia, China and East Germany. In democracy there is full freedom of expressing public opinion. An individual enjoy full free freedom to think, write and express his views. The press is completely free. The policies of the government are debated and discussed freely in the newspapers as well as in the assembly hall.