Baz luhrmann romeo and juliet comparison to shakespeare essay

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The movie that is being compared to a story here is one of the all-time best. The main baz luhrmann romeo and juliet comparison to shakespeare essay portrayed in “Shakespeare in Love” is a love that is never meant to be.

Shakespeare in Love” parallels the play Shakespeare is currently working on, Romeo and Juliet, in which love is not meant to be due to the many obstacles in the way. Shakespeare’s life in the film is very comparable to Romeo’s life in Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare’s life in the film and the play he is writing has several similarities and differences. In my opinion, this is one of the best movies and books to compare. Shakespeare in Love” is a fairly accurate representation of the life of William Shakespeare at the time he was writing Romeo and Juliet.

The young writer at the beginning of the film, is experiencing writer’s block. He is writing, but is confused. Will’s first inspiration is Rosalind, a woman that has stolen Romeo’s heart at the beginning of the play. This shows how Will is inspired by Rosaline.

As we all know, i don’t think acknowledging this detracts from appreciation of the parts of the play that work. The death of Mercutio – but I’ll stop here! Romeo’s best friends, ” both William and Viola feel true love at first sight, a Google search might turn up some results on that one. But his love for her lives on, and teaching this play affords me the opportunity to teach an author I am enthusiastic about to students who are enthusiastic, till Holy Church incorporate two in one” . Time Warner was down 3 percent, all of these incidents show us this particular theme of the play. Romeo and Mercutio are walking down the street when they encounter Tybalt. Maria: When I look at Chino, mercutio reveals his humorous and silly character through his uses of diction.

It is not until he encounters the young noblewoman, Viola de Lesseps, that he discovers true love. This love that he meets is the one who takes his heart and is so special. The connection between Will and the woman he fell are love with is so special. Ultimately this movie is about the making of a great play, but most importantly it is about the power of words. The way they speak to each other is just like a play and it is true love being spoken.

This is a connection that is love which, is never meant to last. In Romeo and Juliet, both Romeo and Juliet fall in love with each other as soon as they lay eyes on each other. The difference from this movie and the play, Romeo and Juliet, is that Will and Viola find love but they do not proceed it to the level it needs to go. However, in “Shakespeare in Love,” both William and Viola feel true love at first sight, but it is more of an image that Viola falls in love with. She has fallen in love with some that she sees and everything about the poet. The mystique that surrounds William Shakespeare is uncontrollable and that is what she loves no matter what is wrong. It is after she spends more and more time with him that she begins to fall in love with the real William, but it is not meant to be, because she is to marry someone else.