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Why apple swot analysis essay quantitative analysis sometimes referred to as management science? These organizations realize the importance of scientific management as it refers to solving problems and creating growth opportunities.

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Management science groups provide high-quality quantitative analysis, modeling and decision support. It is considered management science because the goal is to analyze problems and opportunities by using mathematical models. In some companies the quantitative analysis group or management science group are the most experiences in using quantitative methods and technical expertise. The group has adopted objective analysis, business impact, implementation, teamwork and disciplined consultative approaches as their critical success criteria. Briefly discuss one topic area in the reading in this module that you found to be exceptionally interesting. I found the section on the quantitative analysis approach in the first chapter to be exceptionally interesting. As a project manager I follow a similar process when a project begins.

Defining the problem at the beginning of the process is similar to my discovery meeting that I hold in order to find out all the details of the upcoming project and identify the risks. It is similar to the approach of defining the problem and being sure the correct goals and objectives are set. As I read on to developing the model, acquiring data and developing the solution, I found it similar to the planning phase of my project. This short paper will discuss my analysis of the Informative Speech I gave in class. I will cover posture, voice Ð’- volume and distinction, eye contact, and overall analysis. At the beginning of my speech I think my posture was good.

However, I do think it had is weaknesses. I stood straight and didn’t move around for example. I could have used my movements and better posture to get a more knowledgeable perception to the audience. I had my back towards the audience on the left of me when I was pointing at things on the slide show. I know this is a big NO-NO but I guess I didn’t realize at the time that I was doing it. I have always felt like I possess a loud voice, but people tend to tell me that I am very soft spoken.

After watching the tape, I could see why someone would say I’m soft spoken. I needed greater volume and my posture could have even played a role in my voice projection. There were pieces of the speech in which watching the tape I could hear well and there were parts that I couldn’t hardly hear at all. I think at the beginning with the introduction I did ok with eye contact. I noticed that I lost eye contact especially towards the end of the speech.