Abandoned house descriptive essay

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Descriptive Essay On a hot summer day, the only good place to go is to the lake. Read this essay and over 1,500,000 others like it now. Don’t abandoned house descriptive essay your chance to earn better grades and be a better writer! Please sign up to read full document.

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On a hot summer day, the only good place to go is to the lake. You would go out to the lake to enjoy the water, the sun, the activities that are happening, or just to be with family and friends. When you’re at the lake, there are some very distinct smells. The hickey smell of campfire smoke always lets you know that there are marshmallows and hotdogs being roasted. You’ll never want to touch your hair from putting your fingers on the sticky marshmallow, to me it’s just crazy glue.

But you can always enjoy the sweet coconut smell of sun tanning lotion that people put on themselves while they lay into the sun to basically “cook. If you’re looking for a quiet relaxation at the lake, I don’t think that will work out too well. The lake is always really loud throughout the day. You can hear the loud motors of the boat and the waves of the water as the boat comes crashing through. You’ll definitely be able to hear the laughter and the excitement of the kids as they splash around in the lake. While you’re at the lake you can always get involved in some fun activities, if you aren’t able to relax. You can go fishing, if you like touching the slimy scales of the fish and the soft touch of the cold water.